Stop! Give your floors time to mature. Small, temporary side-effects will almost always disappear during the curing and maturation process. Read this document first to determine if this is a normal side-effect or something to be concerned about.

A wood floor that has been finished with an oil base Swedish finish will last a long time if given proper care and maintenance.

Once finish has dried you can open up your doors and windows to ventilate the area.

Furniture can be replaced after 24 hours, however, you should wait 10 days before replacing throw rugs. For the first 4 weeks after finish application, the floor should be handled with the utmost care, as the finish has not completely hardened through.

Do not wash with water in those first 4 weeks. After approximately 2 months the water resistance is very high, however the surface should not be exposed to water or moisture for long periods of time.

To keep the surface clean, vacuum with a non rotating brush vacuum. If necessary, wiping with a well-wrung cloth is usually adequate. Avoid scrubbing with a coarse brush or strong detergents. Remove spots with mineral spirits, or if needed, use a mild hand soap. DO NOT EVER USE MURPHYS OIL SOAP!

Attach felt pads to the legs of chairs and tables (or anything else that slides) so as not to scratch the finish surface.

If you ever get bad scratches or gouges please call us at 503-502-4855. We may be able to repair with little expense so you can continue to enjoy your wood floor for years to come.